Happy Birthday!!!

Two women that have been so influential in my life, happen to be born within 24 hours of each other. They are my mother and my great-grandmother. Both women exemplify what it means to be strong and independent. They are confident & determined while being compassionate & giving.

Happy Birthday!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday!!!


    YAY!!! Happy Birthday Mommy and Great Grandma!!!
    These 2 women have truly touched many lives, not to mention mine. They have made me the young women that I am today, and I’m am so greatful to still have both of them around. Love these women!!!

  • Joseph635

    Excuse me But never knew that your mother and greatgrandma were so close in age ,is it all possiable that the avon anti ageing creme is doing a wonderful job for your mother please let me know so that i can order some for oneself

  • ayshaday

    O.K. so their birthdates are within 24hrs of each other. But the actually time of their birth’s has quite a few years in between them.

    Thanks Joseph635 for being so meticulous!

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