I’m Back

Yes, it has been entirely tooooooo long since I have done anything with this blog. So here I am back ready to share.

Not quite sure what took me so long to get on here and post pics and talk about scrappin’ and craftin’ and stuff. I have been working on a few projects but no real reason why I haven’t been blogging.

Anywho, enough babblin’ and what not.



3 responses to “I’m Back

  • Joseph635

    Hey Girlie
    Yes you are so right,it has been some time ,I am so happy to see this . please try not too stay away for so long
    Oh yea have you considered sending this to Matt Gronering
    he was on charlie rose along with James Brooks excutive producer
    I know that you are on to somthing here send it to them see what will happen maybe they will not bust you for trademark infraction
    Oh yea looks just like you hahahahahahahahahaha
    Can I have one too Love you so Much
    Old Man

  • T-Star

    Yeah!!! I’m happy you’re back. I was about to delete your link from my bookmarks. 🙂

    I read this quote today and thought about you…

    “Creativity is…seeing something that doesn’t exist already. You need to find out how you can bring it into being and that way be a playmate with God.”

    Michele Shea

  • Shell-Shell

    In the words of Mase… WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK, WELLLCOMMMMME BAAACCCKKK!…lol I missed this site. It gave me something to do on my boring days… which is like never!!! I still always found time to check it out tho. Hahaha

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