If You Can Dream It

Here is an adorable baby picture of me (if I must say so myself). I decided to write myself a letter (one of those “if I could go back and tell myself something” numbers). The journaling reads…

Little Aysha, you are already everything you will ever dream of in this world. No matter what life throws at you, it will never change who you already are. Today and always you are whole, complete, beautiful and blessed. With Eternal Love, Aysha.


3 responses to “If You Can Dream It

  • DML

    Your words and photos gave everyone a reality glimpse into your soul…
    Imperfect no I don’t think so.

    It was refreshing, soulful, inspirational, joyful yet with a hint of sadness in between the lines of your thoughts. I was truly moved yet happy that you had the strength and motive to display yourself like a work of art on a canvas.
    Bravo to you!!!!

  • Tena

    Aysha, love the letter you wrote to yourself, especially the part about being whole & complete. That’s how we all come into this world. Thanks for reminding me of it.
    Tena E.

  • Trina

    What a wonderful idea!! Love this layout!

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