It’s Your Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Shell-Shell…Shell-Shell it’s your birthday!!! I did this page a few days ago. I was inspired because I knew her birthday was coming up! Well today is the day, Happy Birthday sister. Enjoy your day!

There is some hidden journaling tucked behind a picture on the blue tag. I usually conceal my journaling when I write it in my own handwriting. I aspire to one day be one of those people who are comfortable with their own handwriting on their scrapbook pages. But in the meantime, I will settle for computer journaling or hidden hand journaling.

Well this is what it says…
” You are a true baby sister. I’m sorry but yes you were a spoiled brat and still are at times. Lord knows we’ve had our ups and downs. But, over the years, I’ve grown to understand and respect you. I admire your charisma and confidence. The chattiest person I know, you are guaranteed to make me laugh with your monologues on “A Day In the Life of Me.” And even though you are semi-grown now, you will always be my baby sister whom I love dearly.
xoxo Aysha.”


One response to “It’s Your Birthday!!

  • Shell-Shell

    Thank you Ay!!! (I know I’m a little late with this but it don’t matter) It is very nice that you took the time out to sort through the many pictures of me, so you could find the perfect ones to make a scrap page with!! Thank God you found something good because you know I have many bad ones in that pile! I love the words you put on the page… almost brought a *tear* to my eye (man up shell!) anyway, Thanks for the shoutout I really do feel specical… you always have a way to make a girl feel that way đŸ™‚ Thanks for always being my big sis, my friend, and on many ooccasions my therapist (you know for all those me moments). Keep making beautiful pages!

    Love you

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