Haunted Hayride

Well today I’m off to the Bate Motel, for a haunted hayride and trip through a haunted house and cornfield maze. This is the third year of going to this type of thing. Each year my family and I choose a different place to go. We have fun, because it is a chance to scream and act a fool. Life get’s so heavy at times and it is moments like this where we can let go and play like kids.

This is a layout from last year’s haunted house adventure. For a little 3D effect I used actual toy spiders.

The journaling reads…
It was a dark and stormy night…O.K. well it was dark but not stormy. Anyway, on Saturday, October 21, 2006 a bunch of us got together for some good scary fun at Jason’s Woods. Donna tore up the hayride while screaming like crazy. Jason Vorhees attacked Aysha on the hayride by grabbing her hair. Jason also terrorized Rami who was found on his knees begging for dear life. Brenda made a new friend, we never did catch her name. Andre shouted “OH MY God!” I don’t know how many times. An alien monster followed Steve through the haunted house. Tori tried to dodge a neon monster that insisted on cornering her. Anton thought he was an employee, he spent so much time trying to scare everyone. And, Susie didn’t see SH#$%T cause she had her eyes closed the whole time!


2 responses to “Haunted Hayride

  • Karen

    Hi Aysha,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking up on me. I’m doing the Christmas Card swap over at Scraps of Color and I’ve been busy with the home improvement project. Hope you had a great time on your outing and your LO is really SCARY!!! :0

  • T-Star

    When are you going to post the layout from this year’s Haunted Halloween Fest?

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