Happy 2008!

O.K. so I am like a week late, but so what! We’ve got plenty more days left in 2008. I wish everyone who is reading this the BEST 2008 ever! How we define BEST is always relative.

I am not really into the whole resolution thing, but for the past few years I have decided to adopt a theme word for the year. That way I can apply my theme to many aspects of my daily life as opposed to applying so much weight to certain “so-called” resolutions. My word for 2008 is FOCUS! I gotta keep my Eyes On The Prize (remember that documentary, it used to come on PBS like everyday during the month of February back in the day). Anyway, I was thinking about my theme word FOCUS and I realized that it only works when combined with OBEDIENCE so that is my sub-theme word for the year…OBEDIENCE!

I am currently working on a 2008 Book of Me (BOM). This will be my first time actually completing an entire book dedicated to myself. I’ve done layouts but nothing like this. So here is my first layout for my BOM!


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