I love it when I get to scrapbook with my Mom. Some people (well one person in particular) thinks that I force her into it. But she & and I both know that, that isn’t true. Why else would she collect scrapbooking supplies if she had no intention on using them? I believe, I am just helping her get off the fence.

I chose the background paper because it contains her favorite colors…each of these colors can be found painted on the walls in the rooms of her house. Also, I love circles…they remind me of creativity.

By the way notice Kat on the chair, all up underneath my mom. She calls her “my Shadow” Now we see why.


3 responses to “Scrappin’

  • TenaE.

    Hi Aysha, Love what you did with our “heart”. I saw it earlier today on the Shutterfly website and loved it. Thanks for putting this together and thanks for making it available for downloading. It’s beautiful & so are you.

  • Angie - NewCat

    I love this LO. At first glance I thought it was you! LOL What a beautiful Mommy. Many Blessings. TFS

  • Mom

    Hey Ay,

    I love the page, even if i don’t like the pictures of me LOL.

    Just to set the record straight, I do like scrappin, I’m just not as creative yet.

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