It’s A Letter…It’s A Card

Stitched Card Booklet

Sometimes you have more to say than just “happy birthday”, “wishing you the best” or “congrats”. Sometimes you want to send a card but what you really need to send is a letter. That’s what this project was all about. It is a letter and a card. A combination of the two! There are 8 blank pages on the inside.

It can also be used as a mini-journal. Most of the time journals are written over the course of a year or over the course of planning a major event like a wedding or having a baby. But sometimes a one-time journal or essay journaling can be helpful in sorting out feelings about a particular subject or moment in time. Some examples of one-time journaling could be “Why Am I So Damn Angry?” or “I Am Eating A Salad But What I Really Want Is A Cupcake!” or “If You Really Knew The Truth About…”

I am in love with these. So cute and useful at the same time.


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