College Grad

Believe Card

I had a wonderful weekend! I attended my sister’s graduation from college. It was a long and hard road for her (and for the rest of us). The timing actually came as a surprise to her, she was planning to graduate in May, but her counselor was able to rearrange her earned credits and qualify her for a December graduation. YAY!!! 2008 has proven to be a very fruitful year for her, and I cannot express just how proud I am of her. She is one focused 20something year old.
On top of this post is a picture of the card I made for her. The word “Believe” has proven to be more meaningful for her, over the standard “Congratulations.” I like the colors because they match her color scheme for her new home. That means she should not have a problem sitting this card out on display. lol


One response to “College Grad

  • Rochell

    I am thankful for the struggles I’ve encountered as they’ve helped me to become who I am. I’ve grown in many different ways, I love my life-and everybody in it. I am proud of all my accomplishments and prepared to seek many more. Thank you Aysha for the shout out!!!

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