Kitty Love…Happy Holidays

Meow...Warm Whispers

Today, I wanted to share a little pet love. This time of year we often reflect on the love we share with our family and friends. But, we must not forget the love shared with our pets. (Now I know the non-animal people can’t relate…that’s fine…feel free to leave the room for a few minutes) I absolutely adore animals, I’ve grown up with pets in the house, both cats and dogs. Nearly everyone in my family has a pet…except for me. SHOCK!!! Well, see the problem is I have pet allergies, so I really need to work that issue out before I venture into getting a cat or dog.

Eventhough animals don’t speak (although I am convinced that they understand English) they are true & sincere friends that will stick by your side no matter what “mood” you are in and they will listen to your secrets and won’t tell a soul. So this is my HOLIDAY SHOUT-OUT to all the sincere and loyal pets of the world!!!

This is a layout about my aunt and her two kitties Ty & Spell.


One response to “Kitty Love…Happy Holidays

  • Moanica

    You know I had to comment on your shout out to our furry friends! They really do understand us. And, if you’re our dog, choose what to listen to and what to ingore! Love this LO!

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