It’s Like A Heat Wave…

Heat Wave

Everytime I think of that song, all I can hear is the voice of Nell Carter from Gimme A Break. She sang it in one of the episodes. I was just a little kid when that show was on the air but for some reason that stuck in my head. Anyway, here is a little something to heat things up. This is a layout from this summer, it was almost 100 degrees outside at the time. As you can see I am not particular as to when I complete and post layouts. I will do summer pages in the winter and winter pages in the summer.

I used another one of Tiare’s sketches to do this layout. I love the use of circles. In my opinion, you can never go wrong using circles on scrapbook pages, they add a sense of movement.


One response to “It’s Like A Heat Wave…

  • Cheryl H. aka "Yomama5011"


    I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy your blog!!!! I love your layouts and your creativity is phenomenal!

    Keep sharing “a little bit of you” with us!!!

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