Obama Express


O.K. so I just got back from freezing my face off. I went to see Barack & Michelle Obama along with the Bidens on their train stop in downtown Baltimore, MD. He got there at 4:15pm, but we were out there at 9:45am!! It was sooooooo cold, but soooooooo worth it. I was very close to the front (right along the rails) so, I got some really great pics. If you would like to see more check them out in my flickr gallery in the Obama Express set.

This whole time is just amazing, and I am truly in awe of our 44th President Barack Obama! Love him!!! I will definitely be doing a scrapbook about this. But first I have to see what photo-opps Tuesday will bring. As for this moment, I am about to go and take a hot shower and bundle up under the covers, because I am still shivering!!!

Don’t forget to check out my flickr gallery for more pics!!


One response to “Obama Express

  • lynne mann

    Thank you so much for sharing your Obama experience. I appreciate you standing outside in the cold for us who aren’t able to come and see the excitement. Thanks so much…I LOVE THE PIXS…can I assume a couple of layouts are on the way? Bundle up and get some rest…take care!!

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