Dollar Store Gems


O.K. so I am a die-hard discount shopper, this is especially true when it comes to scrapbooking and crafting supplies. I’m sorry but I spend entirely too much time and energy collecting stuff to break the bank on any one purchase. That said, lately I’ve been looking for some gems (others call it Bling…but I have issues with the whole bling thing…so I say gems or jewels) to enhance my scrapbook layouts. Of course M’s and some of the other retailers carry many varieties, but unless you have a coupon or it is on sale these things can really add up. So anyway, the other day I am in the Dollar Tree (I really like them because everything is REALLY a dollar, not like some of the other stores that set you up to think it is an actual dollar or 99cent store but when you get in there everything is like $1.99, $5.99, $1.29… ugggh!!), and I see bags of gems all differents shapes and sizes with like 130 in a pack…EXCELLENT! I grabbed like 5 packs, so that should last me for atleast a week…just kidding!


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