It must be time for me to eat. As I was searching my images, trying to decide which layout I would share…this one jumped out at me. The pics are from last summer when my god-child came down to visit us. “Do I even like marshmallows?” were her first words to me after tasting the snack that she begged me to make!!! That kid is too funny!

By the way…I know that marshmallow is spelled with an “A” The name of the snack is a play on words…just in case you were wondering. (The rich gooey’ness of the chocolate covered marshmallows are supposed to put you on Cloud 9 and “mellow” you out!)

Thanks for looking!


One response to “Sh’mellows

  • LBMann

    LOOK AT YOU (yes that was meant to be in all caps/shouting) updating your blog and such!!!! Good for you!!! Thanks for keeping your fans updated :^)

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