“That’s the way, aah huh, aah huh…I like it, aah huh, aah huh.”

It’s me Aysha and I like to make stuff.


4 responses to “Aysha

  • Charles Sounder

    Hey Aysha! So you’ve joined the blog world…this is right up you alley. So keep it creative and fun…well, just keep it YOU! And we still haven’t planned our trip to NY. When is Kerry’s B-day?

    Luv ya,

  • Steve

    Oh yeah, You can delete the comment I left ince you read it. TMI for the world.

  • Teniera

    This is so nice! i created a blog…nothing fancy! Good thing because i havent blogged since I created it! This may inspire me to talk about a few things! You have been inspiring me a lot lately! Your pages are beautiful and I WILL get me one of those tees! Just haven’t seen you on Etsy yet so I look forward to that! Keep creating…..Muah, Smooches

  • Suzqucrafter

    Love your Layout very inspiring!

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