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Organizational Bliss

I’ve been and remain on a constant quest for the most organized, functional, creativity inspiring Scrapbook Studio storage solutions. I aim to one day have a space that is airy & not cluttered, with lots of cabinet and counter space, and a huge desk or two. But until then, I work with what I have and celebrate the moments when I achieve organizational bliss…one section at a time.
This is my latest organizational quest, I finally found the perfect (for now, LOL!!) storage drawers for my chipboard alphas. In the past, I kept my alphas in a unit similar to this but I quickly realized that my drawers were too tight 😉 HEHE!! The ones that I settled on are the 3 drawer stackable system. I purchased ten units and stacked them together into 4 columns. They are organized into a drawer for each letter, one for numbers and one for symbols and punctuation. I used some glitter stickers from my stash to label each drawer.

This may seem like a simple solution but I searched high and low for just the right thing, I even considered building a drawer system but decided I wasn’t up for such a labor intensive project at the moment. A key to my decision was price of course! I do not believe in over spending on ANYTHING! By chance, I found these at Ollie’s Discount Store for $2.99ea (which is a nice savings from the Walmart or Target price of around $5.00ea). I realize the color isn’t that fancy, but maybe if I am so inclined I will get out the spray paint to color the frame a bright green. Hmmm, we shall see.


Pick A Paper Pack Challenge

Lately, I’ve found my work days to be very draining. So, last night to make myself feel better, I partook in a little retail therapy. I went to TJ Maxx! Did you know that they carry scrapbooking and craft supplies? Of course, discount stores are always a crap shoot, so you never know what (if anything) you are going to get. But wow!! To my surprise they had American Crafts 12×12 paper packs priced at $5.99. I must have caught the tail end of the sale because there were only a few left. I picked up 4 collections City Park, Dear Lizzy, Adobe and Celebration. As the cashier rang up my items I told myself that I really need to begin one of the challenges that I drafted out for myself. The size of my collection is really growing faster than my output. So, here is my challenge, it is very simple.

Select 1 new/unused Patterned Paper Pack that contains at least 40 sheets and create with the ENTIRE pack before the year is out. By the end of December the goal is to have nothing left of the pack (scraps included) that cannot fit into a small plastic sandwich bag. This is a no/low waste project. Scraps must not be thrown away, they must be saved and used in a project. Also, gifting sheets of paper away does NOT count, the paper must be used in a project.

Aside from the fact that my stash seems to be growing, this idea came to me because I have heard many of my scrapbooking and crafty friends say that they have tons of paper and have NEVER completed an entire paper pack. I know it can be done, so I am accepting the challenge.

PS: If you can identify with this and would like to take on the challenge, drop me a line I would love to hear about it!

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Lucky 7

So, I woke up early this morning with CLEARANCE on the brain. Now any one that knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person unless I am motivated by something of particular interest. So this morning, my motivation was Michael’s $9.99 clearance on Cricut Cartridges.

Before today I only had four cartridges and I’ve had those since I received my Expression for Christmas back in 2009. I have never really been a fan of the whole cartridge thing because they are over-priced and I believe that relying on cartridges alone is a bit limiting to my creativity. But, I do love my Cricut, especially with the help of Make The Cut software.

That said, who can beat $9.99 for a product that can easily sell for $70 and up?!! So, I got up early and hit up 3 different Michael’s hoping to catch the sale. I had some anxiety about it because many stores had already begun selling the cartridges at the sale price a couple of days early even though the sale was supposed to begin today. Unfortunately, I had only found out about that part late last night, which made me nervous that I may have missed the sale. OH THE HORROR!! Anyway, my worries were all for nothing because I was able to make out with a few good buys, 7 to be exact. Yaaay!!! A few of them are getting wrapped up as a gift but I will keep some for myself.

BONUS: This morning, while waiting in the parking lot in front of the Supermarket I found $7.00 dollars in cash. Yay!!!!



O.K. so I am truly exhausted. Today was the Howard/Baltimore County Health Freedom Celebration walk and I was out there bright eyed & bushy-tailed at 6:30 AM, which means I woke up at 4:45AM and drove for almost an hour to get there. Now anyone who knows me also knows that I am NOT a morning person, but like Common, I do it for the PEOPLE! LOL

I am actually doing pretty good, usually I come in and CRASH immediately afterwards, but today I stayed up and out enjoying the rest of my Saturday. But now I am coming down, and am about to get some sleep. But not before I share one of my recent hauls from Big Lots. I racked up on plenty of Thickers that were marked all the way down to $2 (they typically cost around $4 each). I had to keep my head on straight because I was tempted to buy every pack they had. Did I mention that I was an alphabet junky?! Well, I am!!!

Dollar Store Gems


O.K. so I am a die-hard discount shopper, this is especially true when it comes to scrapbooking and crafting supplies. I’m sorry but I spend entirely too much time and energy collecting stuff to break the bank on any one purchase. That said, lately I’ve been looking for some gems (others call it Bling…but I have issues with the whole bling thing…so I say gems or jewels) to enhance my scrapbook layouts. Of course M’s and some of the other retailers carry many varieties, but unless you have a coupon or it is on sale these things can really add up. So anyway, the other day I am in the Dollar Tree (I really like them because everything is REALLY a dollar, not like some of the other stores that set you up to think it is an actual dollar or 99cent store but when you get in there everything is like $1.99, $5.99, $1.29… ugggh!!), and I see bags of gems all differents shapes and sizes with like 130 in a pack…EXCELLENT! I grabbed like 5 packs, so that should last me for atleast a week…just kidding!