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S.W.A.K. Digi Kit

Recently Scraps of Color (SOC) launched its digital magazine, and I am on the design team! Yay!!!! I will be creating digital downloads for scrapbookers and crafters. The premiere issue launched earlier this month and it is choc-full of wonderful ideas and creative inspiration! This is the kit that I designed for the first issue. It’s called “Sealed With A Kiss” and it is exclusive to SOC. So if you are interested run over there, sign up for a free subscription and download your copy HERE. If you like my digi-kit (on page 20) and use it in a project I would love to know what you created!

This layout was created by Camille who is a talented scrapbooker and all around creative soul. (Click the photo to check out her blog)

Layout designed by Camille using paper from the SWAK digikit by Aysha Livingston

PSA: Digital scrapbooking is a wonderful way to express your creativity while being environmentally friendly. (Shout out to the folks that grew up in the 80s when Public Service Announcements during cartoons were a way of life.)


Ohh Dip…tych!

Me, Myself & I

My friend Alicia and I are working on a joint art project that will last for 2 weeks. It is inspired by the diptych project over on the Art-Slam blog (link to the right). Each day for 2 weeks we will be creating a piece of art inspired by a particular word, then we combine our seperate pieces to form one cohesive work of art…a diptych. This project is exciting to me because each day when I open up my emailed image from her it is like a mini-Christmas. Eventhough we are using a common inspiration word, it is still amazing to see how similarly and differently we interpret the theme.

This was Day 2 of the project…Me, Myself & I.

Jackson 5 Christmas


O.K. so my all time favorite Christmas album is the “Jackson 5 Christmas Album.” I actually just got the cd version, and I am so excited about listening to it and reliving some of my childhood Christmas memories. My cousin and I would play this album so much I’m surprised we didn’t wear a hole into the vinyl. We even tried to play it after the holiday season, but my mother made it seem like it was blasphemy to play Christmas music out of season…so that ended that.

I also love playing around in Photoshop, so I figured why not merge two of my favorite things. This was the result. I replaced Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Jackie’s faces with pictures of my mom, sister, BF and myself. Funny huh? well it gives me the giggles.

Birthday Bash Sign Board

This is an example of a digitally designed poster board for a 13 year old’s birthday party. The image was printed onto an 11″x17″ paper and mounted onto a larger piece of foam core. Guests were encouraged to sign it and leave a message for the birthday girl. Umm…the party was a Mardi Gras theme obviously.

Pin the Courage on the Lion

This is a digitally designed children’s party game that I created. It was a jungle themed party so what better animal to use than a lion? I used foam sticky hearts to create the “Courage Badges.”

The accomplishment here was adding the child’s face to an already existing image without it looking too “suspect.” His face was also added to additional animal costume images to create the base for centerpieces which decorated the party room.

How cute is he??