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Owl Always Love You!

Owl Always Love You Card

Once upon a time I ventured into the world of making custom handmade projects to sell, but experience has taught me that sometimes it is just not worth it. I much prefer to make things that satisfy my creative desires, and then do with the items as I please, whether that means giving them away or selling them. There is so much more freedom in doing it this way, rather than jumping through hoops to create that perfect custom birthday card, invitation or favor under the looming threat of a customer walking away because they can “get it for much cheaper at Walmart.”

Every now and then however, I will take on a special custom handmade project. Not sure what inspires me to do it but I suppose it has something to do with the alignment of the moon and stars. So, this week I went out of my box and made custom Valentine’s Day cards for someone. I am quite pleased with how they turned out and so was my customer. First try, no edits or do-overs, I love it when it works out like that!

This is the Owl Always Love You card. Oh, I cut the owl out by hand. Here is my video tutorial on it. It is my very first video tutorial.

Thanks for looking!


Snow Much Drama!

Pretty Trees

OK, so yesterday I was on my way home from work trying to beat the snow storm. It seemed to go from zero to sixty in a matter of minutes. The expressway was backed up and I decided to take a side road. (Which is normally a good idea in this weather because the roads that I drive are in a “high-end” neighborhood so they clear the roads better than even the main roads…but that’s another story).

Well, in the middle of the storm my driver’s side windshield wiper blade broke under the pressure of the snow. I called my BF to come and pick me up with a replacement blade but he ended up stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Pretty much every road, everywhere was a disaster zone, stalled cars and jackknifed trucks everywhere.

I tried to make my way home, with one wiper while looking out the passenger side to navigate the snow. HOT MESS!! I pulled over to clean off some of the snow, and not being able to see the lines or where the shoulder began I drove myself into a ditch!

While trying to dig myself out, a man in a huge pick-up truck came along and asked if I needed help. He couldn’t get me out of the spot but offered to give me a ride. With apprehension, I agreed to hop in the pick-up with a stranger named Bo. We spent over 2 hours driving around hitting dead ends and gridlocked traffic everywhere.

Eventually we made our way to a supermarket that was not too far from my friend’s house. Bo let me out and sent me on my way. He wouldn’t give me his address or email so I could send him a proper thank you, all he left me with were his kind words “May The Force Be With You!” So since, I have no idea who or where he is I say thank you BO!!! May God bless you for your kindness and I especially thank you for not being an axe-murderer!

BTW, about a half hour later I made it to my friend’s house. Then I waited another 4 hours until my BF finally made it there to pick me up. Almost two hours later we finally made it home at 2:00AM. FYI: The trip from my friend’s house to my house usually takes about 10 minutes.

What an ordeal! This morning we went out to retrieve my vehicle from the ditch. Shout out to my heros Steve & Bo and my shero Stacie!

Pick A Paper Pack Challenge

Lately, I’ve found my work days to be very draining. So, last night to make myself feel better, I partook in a little retail therapy. I went to TJ Maxx! Did you know that they carry scrapbooking and craft supplies? Of course, discount stores are always a crap shoot, so you never know what (if anything) you are going to get. But wow!! To my surprise they had American Crafts 12×12 paper packs priced at $5.99. I must have caught the tail end of the sale because there were only a few left. I picked up 4 collections City Park, Dear Lizzy, Adobe and Celebration. As the cashier rang up my items I told myself that I really need to begin one of the challenges that I drafted out for myself. The size of my collection is really growing faster than my output. So, here is my challenge, it is very simple.

Select 1 new/unused Patterned Paper Pack that contains at least 40 sheets and create with the ENTIRE pack before the year is out. By the end of December the goal is to have nothing left of the pack (scraps included) that cannot fit into a small plastic sandwich bag. This is a no/low waste project. Scraps must not be thrown away, they must be saved and used in a project. Also, gifting sheets of paper away does NOT count, the paper must be used in a project.

Aside from the fact that my stash seems to be growing, this idea came to me because I have heard many of my scrapbooking and crafty friends say that they have tons of paper and have NEVER completed an entire paper pack. I know it can be done, so I am accepting the challenge.

PS: If you can identify with this and would like to take on the challenge, drop me a line I would love to hear about it!

photo by: Cohdra via

The Snow Day Blues?

I spoke with a friend yesterday who was “snowed-in.” And she was upset that her office building was closed and that she would have to spend the entire day at home. (Huh?!) Her words to me were, “What am I supposed to do while sitting here all day?… I enjoy my job! At work I can get so many things done and my co-workers are so funny, I spend the whole day laughing!” (What?!?!, what is this enjoyment she speaks of…) I sooooo could not relate to what she was talking about, she was speaking a foreign language. I quickly explained to her that I would NOT, could NOT feel her pain.

After we hung up, I thought about our conversation and wondered could it really be that “normal” people can achieve such a thing? The lyrics from an old LL Cool J song keep popping into my head “I enjoy what I’m doing plus I’m paid in full.” Well of course that is true for someone like LL. But what I want to know is could this really be possible for “everyday” people, or was my friend just acting special?

Either way, I can’t think of a greater achievement. My hope is that one day I too will become one of those fortunate people who’s job is so fulfilling and satisfying that I would rather go to work on a snow day than stay at home.

This is a layout titled “Aysha a.k.a. the Multi-Tasker” Notice the stars in my eyes. *sigh* I guess I am still a dreamer.

P.S.: 5 Points to the first person that can name the song.

Lucky 7

So, I woke up early this morning with CLEARANCE on the brain. Now any one that knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person unless I am motivated by something of particular interest. So this morning, my motivation was Michael’s $9.99 clearance on Cricut Cartridges.

Before today I only had four cartridges and I’ve had those since I received my Expression for Christmas back in 2009. I have never really been a fan of the whole cartridge thing because they are over-priced and I believe that relying on cartridges alone is a bit limiting to my creativity. But, I do love my Cricut, especially with the help of Make The Cut software.

That said, who can beat $9.99 for a product that can easily sell for $70 and up?!! So, I got up early and hit up 3 different Michael’s hoping to catch the sale. I had some anxiety about it because many stores had already begun selling the cartridges at the sale price a couple of days early even though the sale was supposed to begin today. Unfortunately, I had only found out about that part late last night, which made me nervous that I may have missed the sale. OH THE HORROR!! Anyway, my worries were all for nothing because I was able to make out with a few good buys, 7 to be exact. Yaaay!!! A few of them are getting wrapped up as a gift but I will keep some for myself.

BONUS: This morning, while waiting in the parking lot in front of the Supermarket I found $7.00 dollars in cash. Yay!!!!

Oh So Special

I love this little video. Despite the fact that it makes me a little teary eyed. The images feature my cousin and me enjoying the splish-splashiness of summer, circa 1977. In my humble opinion we were truly adorable. But, what I really like about the video is that in a nostalgic way it reminds me of how “special” I am (as is everyone else in the world). Sometimes, life can beat us up in so many ways that we can forget that we are just as precious, beautiful, and whole in our adult lives as when we were children. Regardless of how unpretty life can be at times, we are still something to behold!

This was one of my first attempts at creating a video on my computer so I just selected these images as a test subject, and before I knew it the project took on a meaning of its own. Not too shabby if I must say so myself. The song is Pretty Wings by Maxwell. Great CD if you don’t have it by now.

Thanks for looking!

Gorilla Snot

Gorilla Snot

Umm, so yeah. Once again I have let lots of time go by since my last post. This is not because I have not been busy getting my creativity on, but I just have not been inspired to write about it. That said, I encountered something yesterday that really, really made me want to blog. I just had to share this with everyone. I was in the dollar discount store…wait I need to go off on a tangent about this for a second.

TANGENT: These stores that call themselves Dollar Stores but the prices range everywhere from $1.00, $2.50, $4.99, to $39.99, really work my nerves. Why call it a dollar store if the items don’t cost a dollar, SERIOUSLY?!!! I must give a shout out to the Dollar Tree, they are true to their word EVERYTHING is actually just a dollar, sometimes even 2 for a dollar…but I ain’t mad at that.

O.K. so I am in the “dollar” discount store searching the aisles for rose water (I have a really cool project that I am working on, but more on that in my next post), and I happened upon a product called Gorilla Snot!!! What tha…??? I could not believe it, so you KNOW I had to take a picture of it. What type of marketing strategy is this Shock & Awe?? And the graphic on the jar…WOW! Evidently, it is some sort of hair holding gel. I am not even sure if there was actual gorilla snot in it but the idea was just gross. Too funny!

That said, I have used a hair conditioner from the Dom. Republic called Baba de Caracol which translates to “snail spit.” Which doesn’t seem so bad compared to Gorilla Snot.