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We’ve Moved On Up!!!


We’ve moved on up to our very own domain.
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Baby Girl

Happy Friday! Nothing too deep today. I just wanted to share a layout that I believe to be super cute!! Thanks to the yummy baby in the pics.

Have a lovely creative weekend and please be safe!

Supplies by Crate Paper, Sketch by Classy Coordinates “Sketch A Day” 2010



I’ve heard many women say that they don’t get along with other women. I truly cannot relate to that. When I look around at all of the women that inspire, encourage, support, challenge and love me, I realize that I have soooo many sisters. Each of them play a special role in my life that I would not trade for anything.

This is a layout of my grandmother and her twin sister, they epitomize sisterhood. I was so happy to get my hands on these throwback pictures! I converted them to black and white in order to make them blend better in the layout. The design of the layout was inspired by a scrapbooking challenge that I am participating in. To complete the project, I had to incorporate, gems, curves, a word that represents womanhood, something black, and atleast two pictures of women.

The papers are from S.E.I., and I used my Cricut E to cut the curves.

Thanks for looking.



Another Saturday afternoon post-Health Freedom Walk and I am still awake. This time I did it on 3 hours of sleep. (Totally uncalled for…I was having some issues with the check-in list & database until 3AM, SMH) Could it be that my stamina is increasing? Maybe! We will see, I may be knocked out in another hour! No deep thoughts today. I just wanted to share this layout of my friend’s baby girl who is just too cute! Peep the hands on the hips shot. Growny-tail!!! BTW, Ming is her nickname.

I believe the paper and chipboard Alphas are from Marcella by K….I think.

On Time God


How lovely is this bible?! The color is my absolute favorite right now (I am seriously going through a green thing) and to top it off it is engraved with my name! Yay! I received this gift a couple of months ago from a truly beautiful and kind friend, whom I’ve yet to actually meet in person…go figure. At the time when I received it , it was a total surprise, but it came right on time. Just when I needed that extra little push of encouragement and sign that I was on the right path! Everything is perfect about this gift, the timing, the color, the message! Tanya, girl thank you so much for being the messenger!!

Lately this whole idea of “On Time God” has been floating around in my head. Just recently I was having….well, let’s just call it “A Moment” and I went through this whole rant about faith and what does it all really mean when we have to struggle so much, and does God really hear our prayers, and… Blah, blah, blah! But then, in that EXACT moment a white car (Cadillac to be exact) drove by and in the back window someone had written “Got hope? God’s love has never failed.” Can you imagine?!!! I basically shut-up because there was nothing left to say! God is Good!

Operation: Ready to Receive!

Organized Chaos

Lately, I’ve found myself in discussions about clearing the clutter in order to make room for new things. This concept goes a lot deeper than just getting rid of physical/tangible things surrounding me. It has to do with clearing space for the mind, heart and soul to grow and develop on a higher level. And I think if this is done successfully then it will translate or manifest into tangible or physical blessings even greater than where I started in the first place. Basically, I think God is trying to tell me something, which sounds a little like “AYSHA get it together!!! I have a world full of blessings waiting for you, but because you are holding on to so much stuff, your hands, heart and mind are too full to receive it!!!!”

So therefore, I am enacting Operation: Ready to Receive!!

O.K. so my Step 1: Get real! Honestly!… I am constantly working to re-organize my craft/scrapbook studio (despite the condition of the room I really do like to have a place for everything and have everything in its place) but I always get to a point where I feel overwhelmed and then I simply clear a small space, create a project, then say “That was fun, but it would have been a lot easier if this room was in order!” My reality is that I NEED to get rid of stuff!

So as I embark on this journey… I’ve shared with you a few BEFORE shots, in a digital layout I’ve titled “Organized Chaos…or Just Chaos?”. I should be ashamed at the condition of this room. But, atleast it will make the AFTER shots even more amazing!!!

I’m Back…Again


O.K., so as my Scrappin’ Sistahs have so lovingly pointed out to me…I really need to update my blog. LOL. So here I am updating.

So much has happened since I’ve last posted and I will do my best to fill in the blanks as I continue to make every effort to keep up with myself. Hehe. Well, one major change is that I moved. I now live closer to the D.C. area of Maryland. Not sure how much I am lovin’ it but, it will do the job for now. Also, this season’s Health Freedom Walks have begun so I have been running around trying to stay on top of that. I’m responsible for all of their graphic work and marketing materials, among many other tasks. If you want to know more about them you can check out their website here Health Freedom Inc.

It has been suggested to me that I start to share a little more of myself in my blog so I will try to do that as time goes on. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, now that I am a little more “caught up” I can continue posting about some of the things that I love the most…my CREATIVE projects!!! Because despite the fact that I have not been updating my blog the way I should (bad Aysha) I have been creatively active…which is a beautiful thing!

Oh yeah, and I’ve been designing for the Classy Coordinates, Sketch A Day design team! Yay! I’ve really enjoyed working with the sketches. Although, I must admit it has been a challenge for me. Since prior to this I typically did not use sketches. I guess I am a “purist.” That said, I absolutely love their sketches and it really does help to push you over that “Scrapper’s Block” that sometimes slows us down. The best part is seeing all of the different styles of scrapbook layouts that can be created from just one sketch!