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Homemade Tilex-like Substance

O.K. I know some of you may have received my email about this, but I figured I might as well blog about it as well. As you can see I am quite excited about this. It is a recipe for a Tilex-like solution that works to keep shower walls clean and shiny without having to scrub. What are the benefits? You’ll save money & you’ll know what’s in it. I found this recipe online along with several others. I tried this one and it works for me. Give it a try.

Start with a 32oz spray bottle.
1 Cup of White Vinegar
1/4 Cup of Jet Dry
1 Teaspoon of Dishwashing Detergent
Fill the rest of the container with water (filtered or distilled is best)
Combine all ingredients in the bottle, and get to sprayin’ after every shower.